Senior Software Engineer


Job Summary:

This role will be working with a diverse, 100% remote software engineering team designing, developing, and maintaining our back-end clinical rules engine. You’ll rely on Test-Driven Development to safely enhance and refactor our system, and will ship production code multiple times per week.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Work primarily on clearly defined and scoped individual features or problems
•    Has the ability to complete features / tasks that are 70-95% well defined
•    Has the ability to discern where gaps can be filled-in, without consulting a Product Manager or another engineer, in addition to when a consult is needed

Work is reviewed with the occasional need for material direction or implementation changes 
•    Guidance can come from PR reviews, pair-programming, and other interactions with Engineers and Product Managers
•    Follows established patterns and approaches within existing code bases with ease

Takes ownership of learning and growth
•    Capitalizes on internal and external opportunities for learning
•    Identifies gaps in knowledge/skills and seeks ways to close those gaps (self-guided learning, pairing, requesting guidance from more experienced members of the team)

Periodic On-Call Rotation
•    Ability to communicate with Customer Success about customer issues that are escalated to engineering
•    Respond quickly to operational emergencies coming through OpsGenie

Required Skills:

  • 2+ years of Clojure or Java (if willing to learn Clojure)
  • Source control using git
  • SQL

Desired Skills:

  • Software development experience within healthcare IT
  • Ruby on Rails, React, RSpec, AWS
  • Understands key healthcare interoperability standards such as HL7v2, CDA, and FHIR

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