Are you a developer who is looking for companies or agencies that hire remote developers worldwide?

You might have come across some job listings and have noticed the huge pay gap for the same role across different countries. People from first-world countries earn at least 3-4 times more compared to third-world countries.

As the world is adjusting to more and more remote roles, now is the best time to apply for a remote developer job and earn your salaries in dollars or pounds from the comfort of your home.

Most companies that offer remote roles require you to have a work permit for that country, however, I’ve found some organizations that only care about your work experience, and not the place you’re from.

These organizations hire remote developers worldwide almost throughout the year and also allow multiple attempts of their screening tests.

If you don’t see your preferred role listed with these companies, you can email the company and ask if they are also hiring remotely in your preferred department.

[ Note: Some of these companies keep changing the links to their career page. As of now, all links are working correctly. If you encounter a 404 error, kindly let me know in the comments and I’ll update them ASAP. Thanks! ]

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Companies That Hire Remote Developers Worldwide

1. Proxify

Proxify’s headquarters is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Proxify helps companies to hire professionally vetted senior remote developers in as little as one week.

The company has partnered with more than 350 companies in 17 different countries, ranging from SaaS startups, Fintech, and Deeptech companies within AI to established enterprises in Media, Electronics, and Finance.


Proxify is a 100% remote company and they believe that geography should never be a limiting factor on whether you are able to produce great work.

When you join Proxify, you will be compensated more than you would locally. You have the option of choosing your preferred stack and their team would make sure you have new projects lined up once the project you are working on is coming to an end.

You’ll also have control over everything from your finances to managing upcoming vacations and planning your working schedule.

Proxify’s hiring process:

Step 1: APPLY. You join Proxify by filling out their comprehensive application form.

Step 2: VETTING PROCESS. Once you’ve completed the application form, one of their expert recruiters will initiate the vetting process. Their vetting process includes a self-assessment quiz, technical quiz & screening interview, code test, technical interview, and final review.

Step 3: CREATE A PROFILE. Once you clear their vetting process, Proxify will create an account for you. You can help them in your profile creation process.

Step 4: PROJECT MATCH. You’ll start working on a new project within two weeks.

Proxify Benefits

Check out their career page for more information.

Proxify’s contact:

2. Revelo

Revelo’s headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.

Revelo offers the largest online platform for US companies to hire Latin America-based remote software developers.

The company represents a talent pool of more than 300,000 technology professionals, and enables US companies to source, hire and manage highly qualified, English-speaking, full-time remote tech talent in US time zones.

Revelo has helped hundreds of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, build and scale their software and technology teams.


Revelo provides the following benefits to its developers:

  • Subsidized Medical and Dental Insurance
  • Payroll in any desired currency, including crypto
  • Global access to co-working spaces, incl. WeWork
  • Gym Memberships
  • Onboarding and ongoing support throughout the engagement

Revelo’s hiring process:

The first step is a 45-minute talk with a Revelo consultant.

In this chat, they’ll check your profile and your English level, understand where you are professionally and what opportunities might be good for you, answer your questions about how Revelo works, and explain what the next steps are.

You also might be asked to take some tests to evaluate your technical knowledge.

Revelo Benefits

Check out their career page for more information.

Revelo’s contact:

3. Gaper

Gaper’s headquarters is located in California, USA.

Gaper works with Fortune 500 corporations, tech unicorns, and fast-growing start-ups all across the United States and beyond.

The company offers roles in an array of tech stacks and career paths from front-end developers to engineering directors.

Gaper is powered by their proprietary AI which helps their developers’ profiles get automatically matched to the relevant clients. Hence, there is no endless job searching, bidding, and negotiating once you clear their vetting process.


Gaper claims to provide remote developer jobs that pay up to 80$ per hour.

Gaper’s hiring process:

The vetting process is divided into a series of interviews and tests:
STEP 1. You upload your resume and basic information.
STEP 2. This is followed by a skills-based assessment via online call.
STEP 3. Once you clear the assessment, you need to clear a technical round with Senior Developers before making it into the final pool.

Your profile gets picked up by their AI matchmaking algorithm after being vetted, which starts presenting it to prospective clients.

Gaper Tech Stacks

Check out their career page for more information.

Gaper’s contact: / +1 530-324-2349

4. Ideamotive

Ideamotive’s headquarters is located in Warsaw, Poland.

Ideamotive provides top tech product teams on-demand, individual software development contractors, and IT consultants. The company helps startups, scale-ups, and enterprises all over the globe build, grow, and scale digital products.

The company’s mission is to deliver top tech talent perfectly matched with their client’s technology, industry, and company culture, who will integrate seamlessly into every project.

Ideamotive hires developers of every tech stack out there, UI/UX developers, AI & Machine Learning developers, and Big Data engineers.


When you join Ideamotive, you’ll be matched with relevant projects fitting your profile. You’ll enjoy full working flexibility and decide if you want to work on the proposed projects.

You’ll also get a dedicated Career Manager to help you grow your professional career, get full admin support, and access to a community of tech experts on Slack, expand your knowledge, crowdsource solutions, and connect with like-minded people.

Ideamotive’s hiring process:

Ideamotive’s hiring process is pretty straightforward.

STEP 1. Join the database. You provide three pieces of information – your email, years of professional experience, and technologies that interest you most.
STEP 2. Read the brief. Ideamotive will get in touch with you once they have a project in line with your preferences by sending you a technical brief of the project.
STEP 3. Take it or leave it. You decide if you have time for taking up the project! You can also decide on working capacity and working arrangements: Full-Time, Part-Time, long and short terms projects are available. You may need to clear a technical round if you decide to continue.

Ideamotive Hiring Process

Check out their career page for more information.

Ideamotive’s contact:

5. X-Team

X-Team’s headquarters is located in Chelsea, Victoria, Australia.

X-Team offers a network of trusted, on-demand developers to help enterprises down to startups scale their development efforts.

With a community of developers from 60+ countries around the world, X-Team proactively supports its developers, funds their learning and growth, connects them to roaming hacker houses around the world and gives them a remote environment that motivates and inspires them on a daily basis.

The company works with innovative brands like Riot Games, Fox Broadcasting, Kaplan Inc., Coinbase, Google, Sony, Twitter, Beachbody, and more.


Every X-Teamer receives an annual budget of $2,500 called Unleash+. You can use this on things that energize you, including coworking, conferences, video games, gym membership, organic produce, headphones, weekend getaways, and much more.

However, X-Team doesn’t hire junior developers. They only hire developers who have at least a few years of experience, because their partners expect X-Team developers to hit the ground running on their often large projects with complex codebases.

Every X-Teamer receives an hourly wage at a rate that’s decided at the end of the application process. This rate is determined by your experience, communication ability, leadership ability, and overall skills.

Most contracts last about ten or more months depending on the requirements of our partners. Some contracts can be as short as three months, while others have lasted ten years.

X-Team’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Create an X-Team profile. Once you create your X-Team profile, you can start applying for jobs listed on their job board. However, you can only have one pending application at any given time.

STEP 2. Technical interview/Live coding. The partners of X-Team might ask for a live coding or whiteboard exercise while they vet candidates. X-Team’s technical vetting consists of asking open-ended questions about the tech stacks that are specific to the role.

STEP 3. Join the Talent pool. Once you’ve cleared their vetting process, you’ll be put on a shortlist of candidates, which consists of developers who are Top 5 or Top 10 candidates for the role you’ve applied for.

X-Team’s Business Development Managers then draw from these shortlists when pitching candidates for their partners. If you’re in the top spot, you’ve likely already been contacted. If you’re lower down the list, you’ll be put forward for the job if the higher-ranked candidates aren’t accepted.

X-Team Benefits

Check out their career page for more information.

X-Team’s contact:

6. Arc

Arc’s headquarters is located in California, United States.

Arc is a remote career platform that takes the friction out of both sides of the hiring equation. Arc helps developers prepare for and find remote jobs, and simplifies the process for organizations hiring remotely.

Employers who use Arc to hire developers include Automattic, Spotify, Hims, HubSpot, and many more. They also work with many other global tech companies and fast-growing startups.

While Arc focuses on helping developers land permanent remote jobs, they also offer contract roles (short-term and long-term) as well as contract-to-hire positions.

Just like X-Team, developers from any region can join Arc. But in order to get featured for permanent remote jobs, you need to have at least mid-level experience and your discipline should include Front-end, Back-end, Full-stack, and Mobile (iOS, Android, Hybrid).

Arc’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Sign up and complete the vetting process. After you sign up, Arc’s vetting process will kick in.

The goal of Arc’s vetting process is to check how well you communicate in English and to verify your technical skills.

After submitting your application to join Arc, you can start your communication skills assessment. You will either record answers to video questions or book a “Quick Chat” with their team.

During the communication skills assessment, you will introduce yourself and answer questions about your background and experience to help our team verify your eligibility.

Then, you will take a technical skills assessment. You will complete a coding challenge or pass an online technical interview.

STEP 2. Your profile gets featured to companies for 2 weeks. Once you clear their vetting process, you’ll receive interview requests in your inbox from the companies. That’s right! You don’t need to apply to the companies. They’ll contact you. You can choose your interviews. You also get access to Arc’s remote job discovery and other tools to accelerate your remote career search.

STEP 3. Receive offers and get hired. Once you land a job, Arc will support you in the hiring process. They will make it easy to get paid working from anywhere.

Check out their career page for more information.

Arc’s contact:

7. DistantJob

DistantJob’s headquarters is located in Quebec, Canada.

DistantJob is a placement agency that specializes in remote recruitment, helping its clients build and manage remote developer teams.

The company finds you full-time employment with the best North-American companies, where you’ll work from home, and earn a premium over what’s usually paid in your local countries.


DistantJob usually hires mid-level and senior developers. Most of the jobs require a regular, full-time schedule commitment, and usually in one of the North American time zones. That means up to 40 hours per week.

However, DistantJob doesn’t hire freelancers. Only full-time remote workers. You’ll need to be contactable and ready to communicate during your agreed-upon work hours. you are free to choose where you work from – as long as you are contactable during those set hours.

DistantJob’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Apply for a job. Visit their job page, select your preferred role, and fill out the job application form.

STEP 2. Meet with the recruiter. If you are an eligible match, a recruiter will schedule a call with you in which you go over your basic details.

STEP 3. Technical Round. Based on the project, you may either receive a technical assignment to work on or it can be a one-to-one session with a senior developer or product manager.

STEP 4. Final interview with the team. If you clear the above round, then there will be a final interview with the team of the company that you’ve applied for. If successful, you’ll receive an offer in a short span of time.

DistantJob Mission

Check out their career page for more information.

DistantJob’s contact: / +1 888-886-7343

8. Hashlist

Hashlist’s headquarters is located in Helsinki, Southern Finland.

Hashlist (by Talentrator) is a software developer marketplace that enables talented engineers to work with top European tech companies from the comfort of their homes.

Hashlist currently focuses on the Javascript stack (React, Vue, Angular, Node & Typescript). But they also work with developers in other stacks, but they need to pass a Javascript coding test in order to be accepted onto the platform


Hashlist is 100% free for developers. Usually, you will first get hired as a contractor and can later accept an offer and convert it into a permanent position at any of the companies on the platform.

In permanent positions, you’re often entitled to benefits such as annual holidays, healthcare, and stock options.

Hashlist expects you to have at least 3+ years of relevant work experience to get hired. However, they don’t say no to exceptional talents, so you should apply anyway and complete their test to see if you meet their requirements.

Hashlist’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Fill Profile. You start by filling up your basic details on an interactive form.

STEP 2. Pass a coding test. You select your Javascript stack which will be used in your coding test. Questions are often in the MCQ format and require around 90 minutes to complete the entire test.

STEP 3. Chat with tech teams. Once you clear their coding test, you can start chatting directly with the top tech teams across Europe regarding your desired role.

STEP 4. Get Hired. Once you reach an agreement with the tech team, Hashlist will help you set up internationally compliant working contracts regarding your payment and taxes in your home country.

Hashlist’s hiring process

Check out their career page for more information.

Hashlist’s contact:

9. Remotebase

Remotebase’s headquarters is located in California, United States.

Remotebase helps software developers worldwide to work remotely for Silicon Valley companies. They hire, provide training, and place engineers in job vacancies matching their skills and experience.

Remotebase mainly hires remote developers who have proficient skills in any of these: React, Ruby on Rails, Python, Java, JavaScript, Golang, Android, Swift, MERN, Flutter, AWS, WordPress, Angular, Django, Node, Vue, Python, and GraphQl.


Remotebase developers enjoy the following benefits: Market competitive salaries, flexible working hours, mentorship by MAANG engineers, gym allowance, health Insurance (Self + Family), training & certifications, referral bonus, team retreats, and wellness allowance.

Remotebase’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Sign Up. Sign up on their portal, add your resume and fill out your work experience.

STEP 2. Take a tech-specific online test. Complete the Remotebase automated tests to move on to the next round. The tests are based on the skill sets you’ve applied for.

STEP 3. Live Interview. Take the first and last live technical interview with a senior Engineer.

STEP 4. Offer Placement. Receive a call from the HR department and get the offer from Remotebase. Discuss the perks, and your point of contact in the HR department will help answer any questions you have.

Remotebase Benefits

Check out their career page for more information.

Remotebase’s contact:

10. Toptal

Toptal offices are located in New York, Delaware, and San Francisco, USA.

Toptal is an exclusive network of the top freelance software developers, designers, finance experts, product managers, and project managers in the world.

If you are a developer who is not looking for a full-time remote job while earning upwards of 60$/hr, then Toptal is right for you. But the qualification rounds are comparatively tougher and longer than the rest of the companies on this list.

Toptal boasts that out of the thousands of applications Toptal sees each month, typically fewer than 3% are accepted.


Toptal’s hiring process:

STEP 1. Language and Personality. After you apply as a developer, you’ll receive your first screening test. This is a comprehensive English language and communication interview evaluation in which the recruiter will also assess personality traits, looking for candidates who are passionate and fully engaged in their work.

STEP 2. In-Depth Skill Review. The next round is usually a Codility test of around 100 minutes in which you are asked to solve 3 problems of medium to high difficulty. You can choose your preferred coding language to appear for this test.

STEP 3. Live Screening. Once you clear the above round, you’ll be interviewed by Toptal screeners who are experts in their functional domain. They will provide specific live exercises, looking for problem-solving ability, depth of experience, communication ability, and creativity.

STEP 4. Test Projects. Once you clear the live screening round, you’ll receive a test project based on the tech stack that you’ve applied for. Test projects usually take 1-3 weeks to complete and are comprehensive and provide real-world scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, thoroughness, professionalism, and integrity.

STEP 5. Receive an offer. Once you clear the above four rounds, you’ll receive an offer from Toptal. Congratulations! Make sure that you maintain a track record of excellence while working with clients after joining.

Check out their career page for more information.

Toptal’s contact:

Final Thoughts On Companies That Hire Remote Developers Worldwide

I hope this list of companies that hire remote developers worldwide helps you land your next remote developer job.

I believe during remote interviews, we struggle more in answering the behavior questions properly and showcasing our soft skills. Candidates usually overlook this but preparing for behavioral rounds is very crucial.

You’ll find a lot of Youtube videos on this topic. I would also recommend this course by Bob Firestone which has over 177 example answers that work for competency-based, KSA, situational, structured, and behavioral interviews.

Make sure you send a cover letter along with your resume when applying for remote jobs. Simply sending a CV and hoping to get a call back is really not a great way to show the company that you are interested in their job.

You can download the resume and cover letter templates that helped me get my first remote job by going HERE.

And never forget to use the free Chrome plugin, Grammarly, while writing your resumes, emails, and cover letters. This would highlight any silly grammatical mistakes and save you from possible embarrassment as a job seeker.

Have you joined as a remote developer for any of the listed companies? How was your experience? Do let us know in the comments.


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