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Redapt Inc. is a pioneering world-class cloud consulting solutions provider, global data center infrastructure integrator, and DevOps engineering firm. Redapt’s focus is on delivering innovative multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, data center, and application engineering solutions that provide true and unique value to our customers.

As an engaged customer-facing engineering consultant, we’re always on the cutting edge of technology while simultaneously grounded and well versed in today’s technical landscape.

Redapt aims to deliver the best of breed solutions and provide exceptional customer service to our clients globally.

If you are passionate about hybrid cloud, infrastructure automation, and modern datacenter advancements while working with customers of all sizes from startups to service providers, you’ve come to the right place!

We are looking for a highly motivated self-starter with a very strong work ethic to take on the role of a hybrid cloud customer engineer. The ideal candidate will have strong business and technical acumen, excellent verbal and written communication, and an overall solid hands-on foundation with on-premise, hybrid, and public cloud environments.

In this position you will be:

  • Supporting sales account executives working with customers ranging from admins to CxOs to strategize, uncover opportunities, educate, design, and package Redapt infrastructure, edge, analytics, and cloud solutions.
  • Positioning yourself as a trusted adviser to our strategic customers as they make critical decisions related to their infrastructure and cloud initiatives.
  • Responsibilities include design, capacity planning, hardware and cloud sizing, BOM creation, testing and validation, hands-on configuration, troubleshooting, and technical guidance.
  • Creating and delivering presentations that demonstrate our core capabilities as well as your insights into the technology landscape.
  • Be able to communicate with extremely high acumen including awareness of communication philosophies and paradigms such as active listening, empathy-based communication, executive presence in language, business insight-oriented communication, while leveraging concise, succinct, and articulation tactics.

Required skills and qualifications:

  • 3-5 years minimum experience in various on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud technologies
  • Prior experience with one or more modern hybrid cloud distros including but not limited to SUSE Rancher, Google Anthos, Redhat OpenShift, Platform9, HPe GreenLake, and AWS Outpost is a must.
  • Strong sizing, design, and deployment knowledge for on-premises, hybrid, or public cloud platforms
  • Knowledge and experience around infrastructure as code, configuration management, and automation is required for this role
  • Architecture level understanding and practical experience with VMware, OpenStack, OpenShift, and/or other Kubernetes based distributions
  • Knowledge and/or experience around service mesh concepts, designs, and products
  • Knowledge and/or experience with edge computing platforms, services, and deployments
  • Knowledge and/or experience around hybrid cloud security and networking is a plus
  • Knowledge and/or experience including but not limited to: MEC, NFV, distributed edge, AWS Edge/IOT, Azure Edge/IOT, and Google Edge/IOT services is a plus
  • Knowledge and/or experience with serverless and FaaS(Function as a service) platforms as well as edge serverless platforms is a plus
  • Experience with strategic verticals including but not limited to e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, and service provider verticals is a plus
  • Must have a strong work ethic, be coachable, and eager to learn new technologies
  • Analytically minded, critical thinker, and be an active and willing listener to customer problems

Field or consulting experience optional! If you are looking to switch careers, talented but in the wrong role, highly technical but lacking sales/field experience, or crave making an impact at a small consulting firm, please apply!

Below is a sample list of backgrounds we’ve recruited in the past that have become highly successful customer-facing engineering technologists!

  • Senior IT admin backgrounds.
  • Lab benchmarking, and/or R&D backgrounds.
  • Experience with deploying VMware, OpenStack, OpenShift, Canonical JuJu & MaaS and other bare metal or BMaaS platforms.
  • Public IaaS configuration and deployment professionals with a strong hybrid cloud and private cloud backgrounds.
  • Infrastructure deployment backgrounds across any vertical.
  • Proof of concept and/or customer-facing demonstration teams.
  • Systems engineers with strong hybrid cloud hands-on experience.
  • Support engineers looking to change the trajectory of their career by becoming customer-facing technologists while maintaining their technical acumen.
  • Military, aerospace, electrical engineering, computer science, philosophy, psychology, economics, and math backgrounds.

About Us:

Redapt helps companies accelerate their business through innovation. Leveraging AI, machine learning, IoT, modern applications, and infrastructure, we create hybrid and multi-cloud solutions tailored to the way your teams work. By embracing intelligent cloud technologies, your people can create new experiences for customers and prospects, multiply efficiencies, and uncover competitive advantages. Not just another vendor, Redapt partnerships run deep to unleash innovation and explore new digital heights. Modernize. Innovate. Differentiate.

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