Software Engineer


Are you passionate about software development and improving team productivity?

Pluralsight Flow is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Flow helps engineering teams optimize software delivery and build meaningful connections with their team members.

We combine data from your code commits, tickets, deployments, and incidents to give your team a detailed view of their development workflow, so they can identify and eliminate the things that slow development, lower quality, and frustrate developers.

Our customers have used Flow to reduce cycle times, improve engineering team morale, identify best practices, and more accurately plan for success.

Join our team and help redefine software development in the 21st century!

Who you’re committed to being:

  • We NOT Me: You love that Software Development is a team sport. You are a strong collaborator, a trusted teammate, and are skilled at resolving conflict. You work well on a team, value the contributions of those around you, and support your team members in their professional growth. You also have a sense of humor (We work hard, but we like to keep things light).
  • Innovation Catalyst: You are a creative problem-solver who is able to analyze straightforward problems and find effective solutions for customers. You bring innovative ideas to the team which help us solve ambitious problems in novel ways.
  • Urgent Curiosity: You love to learn and operate with a shared sense of urgency. You discover new information or solutions quickly, and are highly motivated to explore, understand new concepts, and apply this understanding as quickly as possible for customers.
  • Tenacious Persistence: You are highly committed to overcoming obstacles, even in the face of adversity, and are willing to put in the time, energy, and effort required to see it through to completion and delight our customers.
  • Communications Champ: You are an excellent written and verbal communicator and effective influencer with members of your team and key partners. We are a completely remote team and communication is key to our success.

What you’ll own:

  • Product Development: You participate in most stages of the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including implementation, testing, and deployment. Features and functionality you implement are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.
  • Product Maintenance: You will support your team in product maintenance by resolving bugs, implementing updates to dependencies, and other various improvements as needed to ensure that our product continues to function as expected.
  • Professional Development: You are responsible for continuously learning and developing new skills and knowledge including attending training sessions, participating in code reviews, and seeking feedback from more senior members of your team, in order to improve your technical abilities and grow as a professional.
  • Technical Documentation: You will support your team in creating and maintaining team documentation including user manuals and other related materials that describe the software architecture and functionality that your team supports.

Experience you’ll need:

  • A solid understanding of software engineering concepts.
  • Hands-on experience writing code for school, personal projects, or Bachelor’s or an advanced degree without professional experience.
  • Ability to read through code in any standard language, gain a general understanding of what the code is attempting to do, and ask questions to increase your knowledge.
  • A passion for learning from others and improving your craft through collaboration.

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