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About the job

This position is needed to help grow and stimulate our top of funnel and self-service prospects, and directly contribute to our company’s large growth goals through various digital marketing acquisition channels.

You will own the day-to-day management of our many third-party pay-per-click (PPC) channels, including Capterra, Quora, Reddit, StackOverflow, Sourceforge, and Carbon. You are a proven marketing technologist and strategist who can quickly uncover new opportunities to optimize and build campaigns devoted to sign-ups.


In this role, you’ll:

  • Build, manage, and optimize global campaigns and ad units for developer-first initiatives.
  • Identify growth and efficiency opportunities across budgets at global scale. Manage pacing and budget reallocation to drive positive ROI goals.
  • Leverage prioritization and organizational skills to multitask across teams, projects and priorities.
  • Analyze large datasets to uncover new growth and optimization opportunities, targeting strategies, channels, and more.


Not all applicants will have skills that match a job description exactly. Twilio values diverse experiences in other industries, and we encourage everyone who meets the required qualifications to apply. While having “desired” qualifications make for a strong candidate, we encourage applicants with alternative experiences to also apply. If your career is just starting or hasn’t followed a traditional path, don’t let that stop you from considering Twilio. We are always looking for people who will bring something new to the table!


  • 4+ years of experience working with self-service funnels focused on free trials and sign-ups
  • 4+ years of experience in hands on PPC channels, search engine marketing (Google and Bing Ads), along with Display and Video advertising
  • Strong analytical skills, prefer proficiency with Google Analytics, Tableau, Salesforce, and Excel


  • Previous experience working within a B2B Tech company (or client) focused on developer acquisition
  • Hands-on experience developing landing pages using Instapage, Unbounce, etc
  • Experience running campaigns on Quora, Reddit and more

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