Senior Azure DevOps Engineer


Participates in the automation, deployment, debugging, and maintenance of software code to build and deploy business applications.  Works with AppDev teams to understand problems with software build and deployments.

Help AppDev create Build/Application/Database servers for Business Application based on documentation provided. Develops and maintain deployment Framework for application and database automations.

Essential Functions

Azure SAASPAAS solutions

*Azure cognitive search

*Azure Cosmos DB

*Azure SQL Managed instance

*Azure private endpoints

*function applications

*Azure Keyvault rolesusage

Azure role account understanding  (IAM)

*what is needed for access of application identity or User to azure resources

*Automation accounts

*Service principles

*Managed identity, system identities

Azure Cloud IAAS

*full understanding of azure Cloud compute

*vm types and throughput of each

*Network security groups and nsg maintenancetroubleshooting

*knowledge of VNET route tables and config

*Application service environment managementdeployment

*App servicefunction app managementdeployment via devops

*Terraform deploymentactivities

*copy disks and deploy to additional VMs

*metric alerting and action plans

*Azure load balancershealth probe

*Azure Kubernetes in a micro-segmented vnet

*Azure Application gateway

*SNI termination

*backend pool setupbackend probe

*metric alerting

*CDNFront door


*Certificate management

*Azure Application insights

*Monitoring and automationremediation scripting

*micro-segmentation understanding

*Azure devops pipeline agent installconfig

*for vm deployment, for app service deployment

*Vulnerablity mindset (no open networkssecure transitsecure endpointsecure datastore)

Typical Education

  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent combination of education and experience

Typical Range of Experience

  • Typically 5-7 years of directly related experience

Pay Range:

$80,000 – $123,000 annually

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