Senior Software Engineer (Front-End)


The Role

You’re great for this role if you:

  • Want to help lead a team by ensuring well thought out technical patterns and a commitment to code quality.
  • Have a Full-Stack understanding with a Front-End focus – You will be architecting a solution that extends from the UI through the back-end and into the data models. Your primary focus is to build robust, high performing front-end web experiences and to do so, you will have to provide input into the right back-end APIs to support your work. You’ll deliver full solutions, features and non-functional requirements such as cross-device compatibility, performance, security, and testability.
  • Are Pragmatic – You will be building new digital products in this role, adding features to existing ecommerce platforms, and integrating third party solutions to create the best experience in the most pragmatic way. You will be helping to lay the foundation for a scalable platform. You will need to be able to find appropriate solutions and define scalable patterns that can be verified with automated tests.
  • Are Product-Minded – You will define the ideal technical solution and roadmap, keeping a customer-focus in mind, and be able to prioritize business trade-offs for each roadmap item.
  • Are Quality-Focused – You will be a champion for building things in a robust, scalable way and developing automation and monitoring to prevent regressions that will impact customers’ experience with Lovevery.


  • Lead delivery of product solutions and features.
  • Mentor and pair with mid-level and junior software engineers in order to develop their skills and understanding of the code, programming languages, and frameworks employed within the Lovevery platform.
  • Define and establish front-end development best practices and patterns.
  • Continually evolve the codebase to deliver customer and business needs.
  • Work closely with both the product, design and engineering teams.
  • Help make technical recommendations on make vs buy decisions.


  • You think parenthood and early childhood are really inspiring things to work on and you have empathy for parents as users of digital products.
  • You are passionate about understanding the customer and delivering an amazing customer experience through digital solutions.
  • 7+ years of software development experience where you demonstrated strong technical skills, championed good code standards, and had a track record of leadership & mentoring.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a related field preferred.
  • You have in-depth knowledge of modern tools like Nextjs, Reactjs, Node,SASS.
  • You have a commitment to code quality and robust testing
  • You have a solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, API integration, and development best practices. You think full stack and are familiar with modern server-side frameworks.
  • You have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.
  • You have familiarity with a test automation tool and framework such as Cypress, jest, react test library, etc.
  • You have experience with A/B testing platforms such as Optimizely.
  • You are a highly effective collaborator that thrives working with teams to solve complicated challenges, driving solutions.
  • Your written and oral communications are clear, concise, and thorough.
  • You have the ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment and learn rapidly.
  • You have an ability to balance user and business impact that has been informed over the years by shipping creative and highly successful consumer tech products.
  • You have an intrinsic humble hustle.

Additional nice to haves

  • Experience with Contentful
  • Experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Experience with Shopify
  • Experience with GraphQL

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