Staff Backend Engineer


About the Work:

This position is on our Staffing team. We are responsible for connecting Honor’s care professionals with our clients who need care, in a way that meets the needs of both groups and leads to long-lasting, healthy relationships.

Staffing is a cornerstone of Honor’s business, and has a real, direct impact on the wellbeing of our caregivers, clients and their families.

Engineers on our team work closely with our teammates in Design, Data Science, and Product, in order to drive positive outcomes in a complex system. Collaboration is one of our core values, and we thrive on taking diverse perspectives and ideas, and using them to learn and drive positive outcomes.

Our engineering approach is also collaborative; several of us come from an Extreme Programming (XP) background, and we value pair programming, test-driven development, and automation as core practices.

We believe that quality and speed are not tradeoffs, but that they enable one another, and we value and emphasize learning as part of our day-to-day work.

About you:

First and foremost, these aren’t requirements! If this sounds interesting to you, we want to talk. Think of this as our best guess of what we hope a new teammate might bring, not as a hard-and-fast list of boxes to check.

  • You enjoy building backend services, and connecting all the layers in between.
  • You enjoy mentoring, and helping the team grow and learn.
  • You are happy working in a co-creation environment, and have some experience with pair or ensemble (mob) programming.
  • You are a strong communicator, both verbally and in writing.
  • You have some perspective and experience with building successful distributed teams (several of us were remote long before COVID!)
  • You like to work closely with other disciplines, and look for low-lift ways to validate hypotheses.
  • You view code as a means to an end, but understand the importance of code quality and technical excellence.
  • You have experience working in a “you build it, you run it” environment, and enjoy end-to-end ownership of the systems you build.
  • You are comfortable participating in an on-call rotation (about 1 week per quarter, with our dedicated tier-1 support team handling most issues during business hours).

Our Tech Stack:

  • Python
  • Thrift
  • MySQL
  • AWS
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Looker
  • GitHub
  • Datadog

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