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Global Talent Acquisition is a pivotal partner in our plan for growth. From understanding our market and our own workforce through insights, to attracting a diverse pool of talent for our opportunities, to ensuring an efficient and objective assessment experience for candidates, to asking the best talent to join our mission: each role plays an importance part in the process.

Talent Sourcing is one of many channel partners that may be leveraged in talent acquisition to ensure the best candidates are selected from diverse pools of talent.

At ServiceNow, our Talent Sourcing team consists of a talented group of researchers, functional talent sourcers, and executive sourcers across the globe whose overall goal is to identify and attract individuals who don’t know yet that they want to work for ServiceNow. Here, Talent Sourcers are responsible for proactive discovery, attraction, engagement, and qualification of non-applicant talent.

We have an opportunity available on our team for a Technical Talent Sourcer to focus exclusively on diversity initiatives across the Americas region. This role will contribute to our AMS technical recruitment efforts to hire the best talent by proactively engaging Director+ level talent across under-represented groups.

What you get to do in this role:

  • Commit to your passion: Partnering closely with recruiters and hiring leaders, you will work to deeply understand your business groups at NOW: knowing the roles and what great talent looks like, the objectives of your business and how it fits into the organization, and short-term and long-term hiring needs. You will be trusted to research, advise, and educate on the external market with an inclusive lens, targeting under-represented groups for candidates whose competencies and backgrounds align to the hiring profiles you are working on.
  • Identify and attract the right talent: You will develop and execute innovative sourcing strategies to identify diverse talent – including research, market mapping, and lead generation.
  • Engage and assess: You will be the first point of contact for prospective talent you want to engage in a conversation about ServiceNow. You will excite and generate interest through the power of storytelling, sharing our unique culture and growth story, career opportunities, and why we are an employer of choice. Through conversations, you will also need to qualify prospective talent against the success criteria or the company, team and role. These conversations will happen over time, and nurture strategy will be paramount.
  • Define, design, and implement inclusive search strategies for technical leadership talent by mapping functional talent landscapes and monitoring competitor activity.
  • Deliver qualified, diverse pipelines for active roles as well as actively network with and establish strong relationships across diverse candidate populations and organizations.
  • Partner closely with our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Recruiting Programs & Partnerships teams to proactively attract, engage, and nurture.


To be successful in this role you have: 

  • Technical talent sourcing experience gained in-house or at an RPO or agency, preferably in the software or technology industry. Ideal backgrounds will have experience in the Product space: Product Development, Design, and Engineering.
  • A penchant for the first half of the hiring process: you are dedicated to the hunt & engaging with your candidates to building lasting relationships with them; always focused on providing a stellar candidate experience. From there, you are comfortable partnering with your recruiters in a seamless handoff where they will handle the back end of the recruiting cycle.
  • A deeply rooted passion and commitment to inclusive hiring: you believe in the importance of diversity of thought process and representation in hiring, and have demonstrable experience proving your success in finding, attracting, and advocating for talent from under-represented groups.
  • A genuine, demonstrable excitement for creative talent sourcing: deep understanding of information discovery techniques (e.g. Boolean and semantic search) using both paid and free resources.
  • Exceptional communication skills: track record of success engaging leadership and executive level talent – both written and verbal, coupled with authentic relationship development skills
  • A growth mindset & a drive to make things better; a curiosity for learning, quick to see things in other people’s views.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment with changing priorities: we are often tasked with needing to execute in ambiguous situations.
  • Experience with Talent Pipeline Development: Knowledge of Talent Pipelines, a proactive talent supply strategy involving the creation of a continuous stream of highly qualified candidates in anticipation of filling critical and recurrent positions.

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