Chief Medical Officer


The Opportunity

Reporting to the President, Patrick Nelli, the Chief Medical Officer will serve as an instrumental driver of growth and be a member of the Executive Leadership team and partner with the Sales organization to accelerate revenue to further fulfill their mission to be the catalyst for massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement.

This will result in saved lives and improved healthcare ecosystem efficacy and viability. Health Catalyst (HCAT) has over 1,000 customer success stories and with its high, industry-leading customer retention rate — the company is well positioned to accelerate revenue growth and continue their trajectory as the market leader in data and analytics technology solutions and services in healthcare.

The expected revenue for 2021 is between $238.6 million and $241.6 million, up from $189 million in 2020, $154.9 million in 2019 and $112.5 million in 2018. As a key partner to the senior leadership team, the Chief Medical officer will be responsible for supporting growth as the chief physician voice across all areas of the business.

The Chief Medical Officer will be accountable for:

  • Supporting all growth initiatives by defining and championing HCAT’s value proposition to current and new clients.

  • Serving as a subject matter expert and the chief physician voice across the enterprise to influence the product, GTM strategy, client delivery, etc.

  • Review and refine current messaging for all products including DOS, clinical analytics, population health analytics, revenue analytics, etc., especially as it pertains to physician audiences.

  • Bringing gravitas and a strong physician & executive presence to both current and prospective clients.

  • Engaging in meaningful discussions adding value to winning prospects in the market.

  • Work cross-functionally with sales, marketing, implementation, customer success, and product development teams to ensure maximum alignment.

  • Becoming entrenched in sales cycles, assessing gaps in current narrative, and showing clinicians (e.g. CMO, CMIOs, Medical Directors) how effective the product can be on decision making. Narrating a clear & concise message & answering difficult questions posed by clinicians at current and prospective client organizations.

  • Contribute to the overall management and strategic direction of the organization as a highly visible executive leader.

  • Maintain expert knowledge of Health Catalyst’s value proposition and solutions, while expertly positioning the company in the market as the leader in providing data and analytics technology and services to healthcare organizations.

Professional Qualifications

  • M.D. and ideally MBA

  • Intimately understands population health and value-based care delivery models to serve as the physician thought leader and a subject matter expert across the enterprise.

  • Strong experience working with and/or at risk-bearing entities.

  • Experience as a CMO or similar level at a digital health solution is preferred but not required.

  • Deep familiarity with value-based care / integrated healthcare landscape, digital health trends and new entrants.

  • Demonstrated success working with external constituents on reducing cost of care, improving outcomes, etc.

  • Experience in value proposition positioning, branding, product development and product execution is a plus.

Leadership Characteristics

  • A servant leader who is a continuous learner, humble, and hardworking, while striving to be world-class; consistent with Health Catalyst’s cultural attributes.

  • A genuine advocate and champion of HCAT’s mission to drive massive, measurable, data-informed healthcare improvement to transform healthcare.

  • Energetic, proactive team player who has an approach to simultaneously partner with exec leadership and work hands-on alongside the front line team.

  • Tenacious intellectual curiosity and a passion for generating bold ideas with collaboration.

  • A strong systems thinker who combines strategy with tactical execution.

  • High IQ and EQ to offer critical review and problem solve, yet self-aware and self-confident enough to have a strong sense of collaboration.

  • A mission-oriented leader who genuinely cares about both the patient/clinical impact and financial outcomes of a company – and knows how to expertly accomplish both.

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