Android Software Engineer


What you’ll be doing

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with product, design, and engineering partners to scope project roadmaps to build delightful and accessible user experiences.
  • Build experimentation-driven product features, core UI infrastructure & systems, and define best practices to help drive consistency and simplicity of client code.
  • Bring a wide variety of experience building features and frameworks with technologies like DI/Dagger/Hilt, Jetpack Compose, MvRx, GraphQL, etc., to the team.
  • Architect maintainable, performant Android client code with effective documentation that can be leveraged by Android developers on other teams.
  • Develop code for testability and write automated tests with JVM Unit/Espresso tests to help uphold product quality on a high commit volume code base.
  • Keep a pulse on cutting-edge Android technologies and software engineering practices, and modernize the code base to accelerate innovation velocity and maintain high product quality.

What Sets You Apart

  • Self-starter comfortable with identifying opportunities and driving forward-looking technical solutions or roadmaps.
  • Effective at developing strong relationships with cross-functional teams through clear communication, curiosity, and selflessness.
  • Taking a thoughtful, practical approach to problem-solving that considers tradeoffs and avoids over-engineering.
  • Strives to elevate the knowledge and skills of yourself, and others in a way that fosters an inclusive, collaborative environment.
  • Deep understanding of the technical landscape of Android development and can introduce new paradigms and practices.
  • Exceptional coding skills, especially with Java and Kotlin, and can navigate different languages and technology stacks (eg. Node.js, GraphQL, etc).
  • Deeply cares about the quality & performance of the product shipped.

You will be successful in the role if

  • You enjoy pushing the boundaries of what technology can do and exploring uncharted waters with some supervision.
  • You are curious and ready to learn about various new or unfamiliar technologies, our consumer base, and product vision.
  • You have experience building transparent observability tooling and solutions that enhance developer velocity.
  • You love the idea of your work empowering other engineers and striving to understand their use cases.
  • Your colleagues appreciate the unique perspectives and balanced views you bring to collaborations.
  • You value the opinions of others when fleshing out solutions to fill out your blind spots.
  • You have familiarity with the Data-centric approach to app development.
  • You always seek different perspectives, feedback, and relevant information to navigate ambiguity comfortably.
  • You are effective at establishing strong relationships with cross-functional teams through clear communication.
  • You deeply care about the quality & performance of the product shipped.
  • You have read about Netflix’s culture and think you would thrive here

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