Senior DevOps Engineer


The team

As a member of the DevOps team you’ll look for creative ways to automate and secure our systems. This is a mindset and a set of engineering approaches to running better production systems. Much of our software development focuses on optimizing existing systems, building infrastructure and eliminating work through automation. We run a 24/7/365 operation to ensure our infrastructure is highly available and our customers are reliably earning staking rewards. The ideal candidate is a team player, has a systematic approach to problem solving and strong communication skills. They have a deep sense of pride and ownership in their work.

The Opportunity

  • Lead projects to create, maintain and improve the core “Infrastructure As Code” that supports our production systems.
  • Design and improve Automation that will let us scale and evolve systems by improving reliability and velocity using Terraform, Helmfile, Flux, and Tekton
  • Utilize Kubernetes to manage containerized applications within the data infrastructure, ensuring efficient deployment, scaling, and orchestration.
  • Maintain and improve the core infrastructure that supports Staking Validators by measuring and monitoring availability, latency and overall system health.
  • Practice sustainable incident response and blameless post-mortems.
  • Work closely with the BlockOps teams who deploy Staking Validators.
  • Implement effective incident response procedures and participate in on-call rotations.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve incidents promptly to minimize downtime and impact.

Skills you should have

  • BS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field involving coding (e.g., physics or mathematics)
  • Expertise in DevOps, Infrastructure as Code and algorithms
  • Expertise with high availability and fault-tolerant systems, disaster recovery and automation in the cloud
  • Expertise in container orchestration using Kubernetes
  • Experience with cloud provider APIs, best practices and management (AWS and GCP)
  • Experience with configuration tools Terraform, Helmfile, Flux, Tekton
  • Experience with monitoring tools Prometheus and Grafana
  • Expertise in one or more of the following: C, C++, Java, Python, Go, Perl or Ruby
  • Preferred: Blockchain interest or experience

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