Senior Frontend Engineer


Elastic is rebuilding its documentation and the vision has created tremendous excitement. Backed by the Vercel edge network, applying Next.js, React, TypeScript, MDX, and a GitHub Action-based build pipeline, our tech stack is open, fun, responsive, and fast.

We are looking for an experienced engineer and well-rounded human to join and help lead our small, focused team. If you are looking to build high-impact, high-visibility applications in a supportive & progressive development environment, we have a terrific opportunity for you.

What you will do:

  • Build & scale Elastic’s next generation of documentation – over 200,000 pages & 90,000,000+ readers a year!
  • Create React components, scripts, and application features towards a soon-to-be-open-source Next.js-based library.
  • Develop mastery in search using Elastic App Search & Elastic Search UI.
  • Work as part of the hard-working, diverse & vibrant User Experience org.

Our team style:

  • Our stack is Next.js (React), TypeScript, Vercel, GitHub Actions (yml)
  • We…
    • Appreciate “low ego” people who want to grow as a part of a team.
    • Welcome and celebrate diversity in all forms.
    • Hold each other accountable and work to a high standard.
    • Embrace open communication, transparency and challenge.

What You Will Bring:

  • Significant experience in a front-end or full-stack engineering role. Tech leadership experience is a bonus.
  • Comfort working with visual design, visual designers and with using UI toolkits like Elastic’s EUI.
  • Experience working with and digging into JS build system tools & bundlers like Webpack & familiarity with static-site generation, like Gatsby, Next.js, or other JAM stack concepts.
  • Excellent practical judgment. You know how to prioritize, when to collaborate and ask for help, and when to be independent.
  • Measured and articulate communication skills, with deep comfort in the written word.
  • An interest in learning new tools, languages, ideas, workflows and philosophies that can help you grow as an engineer & a person.

If this sounds exciting, we would love to hear from you! Please include whatever info you believe is relevant: resume, GitHub profile, code samples, blog posts and writing samples, links to personal projects, and similar.

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