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Experience Designers are responsible for investigating user needs, creating designs, and communicating design decisions for all Cayuse products. They work iteratively, researching, designing, negotiating, and collaborating with Engineering and Product Management to produce software that is pleasant, usable, accessible, sensibly consistent, and of high quality.


Discovery & Research

  • Participate in user research including internal and external interviews, discussions with customer advisory boards, and other direct research activities to inform new and derivative interaction concepts.
  • Offer interaction concepts to stakeholders and end-users for feedback, selection, and refinement.
  • Evaluate existing workflows to help determine where improvements are needed, using research tools such as summative testing, expert evaluation, shadowing, and the like.


  • Find design solutions that are easy to use, bring clarity to complex workflows and reduce training time for end-users.
  • Design features, patterns, interfaces, and workflows using a user-centered approach.
  • Work with Product and Engineering teams throughout the development cycle to define, document, and communicate feature requirements.
  • Deliver design assets including interactive prototypes and development-ready UX and UI specifications.
  • Help negotiate design and implementation details to achieve good experiences in a timely and straightforward manner, keeping an eye on scope.

User Testing

  • Conduct usability testing as you design. Plan and run testing sessions, evaluate and document results, and iterate based on your findings.

Standards and Compliance

  • Assist in writing and maintaining UX documentation including pattern libraries and style guides.
  • Make use of and extend existing patterns to foster rapid development while improving overall experience quality.
  • Work with Product, Engineering, QA, and other teams to deliver software that’s accessible to everyone, in terms of practical accessibility as well as WCAG compliance.


  • MUST have solid experience conducting generative and evaluative UX research
  • AT LEAST 3 years of UX design experience for an enterprise software or web application based company.
  • Working knowledge of design and prototyping software such as Figma.
  • A demonstrated ability to articulate the rationale for design decisions.
  • Great attention to detail, conceptual thinking, and adaptability.
  • Able to work well independently and with teams.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment.

In addition, it would be a bonus if you came to the table with:

  • Strong visual design skills.
  • Working knowledge of HTML and CSS.
  • Experience with responsive design and designing for mobile.
  • Experience designing for accessibility.
  • Experience in academic administration, research administration, or on a research team

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